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Starting October 09

"I want to better understand what is happening in the world."

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Answers in Prophecy Ancient prophecies speak to the future of the world. Today we see chaos, but what about tomorrow?

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October 09

Surviving the Election
Making sense of what is coming

October 10

The Rise and Fall of World Leaders
Who will determine the future?

October 11

Who Really Controls the World?
Exposing an important truth.

October 13

Unlocking the Mysteries of Revelation
Understanding what is to come.

October 14

Making Sense of Signs and Symbols
Interpreting the messages God has given.

October 16

Prophecies of Hope
Fulfilled prophecies that affect us today.

October 17

Time Prophecies That Point to Our Day
Are we are living at the climax of earth’s history?

October 18

Earth’s Final Warning
Heavenly messages that will change your outlook on life.

October 20

Plagues and Promises
How to avoid the seven last plagues.

October 21

Beyond the Future
The best is yet to come!